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Please feel free to contact us anytime at:

Paul Hapip Jewelry
Paul Hapip Jewelry
P.O. Box 329
Twin Lakes, WI 53181

Telephone: 262-537-2884

You can email us by using the form below!

To order a piece of  jewelry:

  • Select the design or two by reference number that you are interested in
  • Then indicate which gemstone(s) you’d prefer in that setting (available gems listed on about us page)
  • Specify 14 karat yellow, white, or rose gold, or 18 karat yellow gold.

Email these criteria to me and I’ll reply which possibilities are available, a description of the gems and a price for that piece of jewelry.

Please be aware that I work with at least 32 different gemstones, and that not all gems are available in all settings.  In many cases, my supply of particular gems is extremely limited because of their extreme rarity and my high standards for their quality.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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